Thomas Noone

"Thomas Noone creates worlds where the experience of the body is intense, energetic and breathtaking- both on stage and in the audience"
Mira Helenius

Guest Choreographies

About me

Thomas Noone is a choreographer creating contemporary dance pieces with a signature physical and gestural style. He works with his own Barcelona based company founded in 2001 and resident in the SAT! theatre as well as creating as a freelance guest choreographer internationally.

With Thomas Noone Dance he has created over 31 productions over the last 19 years including collaborations with the major Barcelona institutions such as the Grec Festival or the Mercat de les Flors. The company regularly tours across Spain and Europe as well as further afield in South Corea, Lebanon and Latin America.

As a guest he has made works for companies including Ballett Basel (CH), Norrdans (SE), Ballet du Rhin (F), Munster Tanzteater (DE), Company E (USA), Ballet Nacional Chileno - BANCH (Chile) amongst others as well as creating for two professional inclusive dance companies Stopgap, in the UK and Kyo-Muse in Japan.

He is also artistic director of the Dansat! festival in the SAT! since 2006 and organises activities including international collaborations (Grec, Aerowaves) inclusive dance initiatives and actions focused on building support for local dance companies. In 2011 he was awarded Barcelona's city prize for Dance.

Other activities include work as a teacher imparting workshops and participation in various juries.

He is currently touring his solo work "After the Party" a creation that combines dance, gesture and puppetry.


Hans Henning Paar - Director Munster Tanzteahter

Thomas Noone is an inspiring choreographer, with an interesting and challenging dance vocabulary. He is always well prepared and organised for his rehearsals and equipped with creativity and a great sense of humour builds a positive atmosphere in the ballet studio encouraging the dancers to go beyond their limits, and with the feeling that everyone is important to him be it corps or soloists. He shows very precisely what he wants but not only in the dance studio with the dancers but also in the theatre and with the technical staff. The audience received his work very positively not just as an exciting dance performance but as a symbiotic combination of movement, music and drama .

Jim Pinchen

I have had the pleasure of working with Thomas Noone for over four years now. As a composer it is extremely gratifying and consistently emotional to experience the incredible way in which Thomas breathes life and energy into the music by punctuating and contrasting it with movement. For me this is what sets him apart from any other choreographer I have worked with who can often view original music as a backing track. He has a meticulous eye for detail both as a choreographer, dancer and music collaborator and supporting his methodical approach is a true artist and creator. Despite his almost scientific processing and fiercely creative vision Thomas is actually very relaxed when under pressure and always easy to work with. He is a great critical thinker and decision maker and I think experience has taught him to know instinctively when to tinker with the finer detail and when to move on.

Maggie Foyer - Dance critic

Thomas Noone's choreography is endlessly inventive; an effective vehicle for shifting emotions even when the work is nominally abstract. It has an edgy undercurrent that marks time in the held moments before bursting forth in waves of energy constantly at odds with the laws of gravity as bodies fly through the air with gleeful abandon. His choreography is a meeting of intelligence and artistic integrity but thankfully spiked with a touch of lunacy.

Paul Emerson - Director Company E

Thomas's choreography is fresh, inventive, caring, inspiring and, most important to us, deeply human and compassionate. He takes ideas which in lesser hands would be mundane and finds the soul we all seek when we come to art — that moment that takes us beyond ourselves, our limitations, our fears, our dreams, and forms them into movement which gives us new dreams, new ideas. These are profound, rare gifts and we are fortunate to experience them in the studio, on the stage and in front of audiences around the world.