Balbir, el meu avi – Opiniones



The students came out bewitched, amazed by what a body and achieve….

Mónica Martín, teacher.


We loved it! All I have to say that the children couldn’t take their eyes off the stage and when they got back to the school were able to explain exactly what had happened and what they had understood by the story.
“Well done” to the dancers!

Aurora Garrido, teacher.


I find that the value of Balbir in the ease with which it presents contemporary dance to small children. Using a narrative inspired in Hindu mythology, and easily understood by young people the dancers manage to capture their attention using images full of magic and humour and generate curiosity in the dance. Balbir is a great opportunity to create new audiences.

Manel Rodriguez, director of L´Estruch, Creation Factory for live arts, Sabadell







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