Dancing Bodies

In May of 2016 Thomas Noone Dance, together with the Fundación La Caixa created the project “Dancing Bodies” involving students from three secondary schools in L’Hospitalet, a suburb of Barcelona featuring a very diverse ethnic spectrum. The objective was to use dance as a means to encourage self-expression and creativity among the students while also encouraging collaboration and generating team spirit through the arts.

The project spanned four weeks with workshops taking place in all three schools, which culminated in a performance with all the participants at the cultural centre Joventut de L’Hospitalet on the 11th of May in front of over 400 students and their families.

Teachers quotes:

“The group of students (that participated in the process) came away with new self estime and confidence. It was a very special experience for them.”

“The end result was an increase self estime, something very gratifying for us and particularly necessary for them.”


Supported by Obra Social de la Caixa, Arte for Change

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